AmazonBasics Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat Review



Products Overview :

If area unit follow yoga daily, you most likely wish one thing sturdy. Well, the additional Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with its period guarantee may simply be what you’re yearning for.Since it’s such a lot of high user ratings and positive reviews, we have a tendency to had to place our hands on one in every of Reuther’s most well-liked yoga mats – the NEBR Exercise. it’s cheap, Eco-friendly, and quite snug – however let’s see however it fared on our check .

The first factor to note here is that the sleek black color that the mat comes in – it’s terribly trendy and enticing. Of course, black isn’t the sole variant you’ll purchase it in, as there are the blue, gray, green, pink, red, and purple variants. once it involves dimensions, the NBR Exercise is seventy one inches long and twenty four inches wide, making certain comfort for individuals of all sizes. With a thickness of 1/2″, the mat adds support to user’s fitness routine, notwithstanding wherever she or he likes to effort.

Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat is one in every of the great mats once it involves sturdiness because it offers a period guarantee. Though, 7.5 pounds weight is among the heaviest merchandise that area unit presently obtainable within the market. So, it’d be additional work to lug round the additional Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat.

We found that the mat is basically snug, and a good possibility for yoga, pilates, and every one alternative forms of aerobic activities. the fabric that the carpet is formed out of (the NBR) is non-toxic, that is usually a giant and in our book. Another factor that we actually likable is that the non-slip surface that is gift on the either side, moreover because the integrated anti-tearing style and also the convenient sling that has easy movability.

During rotated side-angle, you don’t need to worry regarding your feet slippy around because it provides you the simplest grip. prime yoga practitioners advocate additional Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat for its stellar stability; permitting you to focus totally on your rotations without fear regarding the foot slips.No doubt, it’s the simplest non slip yoga mat out there.

Comparing the worth of alternative yoga mats, the worth could be a very little high. However, it’s price your cash. Though, you shouldn’t get this yoga mat if you’re not totally concerned in yoga or haven’t any conceive to continue it for over a month just about.Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat  out there on the market  offered totally differentin several colours thus you’ll select one that matches the colour combination of your décor feet extra-long mat is additionally available for the taller yogis to stretch their legs and perform different yoga exercises.

Why You Choice It?

This is excellent if you’re doing a lot of physically hard to please yoga wherever you’re moving over once active the slower, a lot of flowing yoga varieties.Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat is that the best different to flat spots on a mountain high to perform back country yoga. The sleek style of Prana Central American country provides you the most effective expertise throughout your outside Vinay asanas exercise; minimizing the danger of tolerating pebbles beneath your palms.

On the opposite hand, the most issue that we have a tendency to didn’t like regarding this mat is that the smell that it emits when the unpacking. This could be extremely annoying throughout your 1st sessions with it, therefore we’d advise you to place it somewhere with millions of ventilation (on the terrace, for example) so as for the smell to disappear. Also, albeit it’s a non-slip surface on each side, the mat will generally be terribly slippery, which could gift a drag throughout the tougher yoga poses.

The primary material used for this mat is that the questionable TPE, that is UV-resistant, perishable, 100% reusable, and freed from cyanogenetic materials – it’s, in different words, eco-friendly. Since it contains no latex, the floor covering is a superb alternative for the those who ar allergic to latex and similar compounds. we must always conjointly mention that you just will catch on in many completely different colours – like orange, green, or purple.

This mat contains a heap of excellent things going for it – it’s extra-long and extra-thick, that makes it a good alternative for the those who ar probing for some further artifact. it’s conjointly terribly cheap, immune to tearing, and may be purchased during a myriad of colours, and albeit it’s not entirely perfect, we’ve to administer it our recommendation.

Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat could be a nice piece of yoga instrumentation, because it is admittedly snug for all styles of aerobic activities and provides a superb support for the users of all shapes and sizes. Once its smell disappears and you get accustomed its size and thickness, we’re certain that you’ll love victimization it.

Product Features

  • Exercise mat for yoga, Pilates, and other workout routines
  • Textured slip resistant surface for enhanced traction
  • 1/2-inch, extra-thick yoga mat for comfortable, cushioning support
  • Made of lightweight, durable foam; carrying strap included
  • Measures approximately 74 x 24 x 0.5 inches (LxWxH)


  • Made of renewable tree rubber
  • Super sticky
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly expensive for a travel mat
  • Thinner than other travel mats
  • May not be suitable for hard floors

Final Conclusion :

Should you obtain The Mat? If you’re yearning for a high quality mat that may doubtless last you a period of time no matter what penalty you set it through, then this is often the mat for you (pun intended). However, if you’re yearning for a mat only for yoga or low-impact, lower-intensity coaching then you would possibly be able to notice a less expensive (and lighter) choice that meets your desires.

For a decent value, you’ll have a additional Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat, one in every of the foremost tried and trustworthy models of yoga mats out there. It offers alone slip resistance for any range of yoga activities, and also the social and environmental causes it supports area unit terribly noble.

If you don’t mind the smell that comes with serious use, you’re sensible to travel. If you’re sensitive to smells, however, and don’t just like the undeniable fact that improvement this is often reasonably an important issue to try to to, then you’d be more happy finding an artificial one for your functions. Overall, though, you can’t argue that this mat is cost-effective altogether the correct places.

I’ll keep on with my ravisher lemon yoga mat…I’ve simply need to notice how to urge it wanting clean.