Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat Review



Products Overview:

The Zen Active non-slip yoga mat is low to mid-price vary. It measures 72″L x 24”W x 1/4″T. it’s eco-friendly and reviewers assume it’s the simplest bang for your buck. it’s smart grip however wasn’t created for warm yoga. This mat comes with a carrying strap and can last the longest with honest to medium use. whereas this mat might not last forever the client service behind it makes the merchandise even stronger.

Designed completely by yoga professionals to assist deliver you the simplest quality performance during a yoga mat. The Zen Active tranquility yoga mat helps you to alleviate stress, improve overall upbeat and adaptability throughout the body. The multiplied thickness at 7mm helps to supply you with a cushty surface for those longer sessions.

This top quality yoga and exercise mat provides nice balance between thickness and weight – providing great comfort while not being too serious for straightforward movableness. At 1/4 in., with dimensions of seventy two x twenty five inches, it’s larger than the quality size that a lot of brands supply. It solely weighs four.4 pounds and comes with a strap that goes over your shoulder that makes it super simple to require with you on the go.

Zen Active skid less Premium is one amongst the simplest yoga mats offered within the market. The colourful and sturdy yoga mat is your friendly partner throughout vigorous yoga exercises. The absorbent yoga mat towel sufficiently soaks up the sweat, supplying you with a cushty yoga expertise.

The only criticism you’re reaching to notice on the web is concerning its value. As compared to different mat towels offered within the market, the value could be a bit on top of others. So, you’ll need to seem for different cheaper choices, however none will match Zen Active sturdiness. You don’t need to get a product that has to be typically replaced.

The term skid less suggests that the merchandise won’t slide around even once you’re making an attempt the tight yoga postures and positions. The non-slip nubs of the mat towel grip your mat and supply enough resistance from slippery over.

Yogitoes comes in additional than thirty colours so; you’ll select one that matches your indoor décor. It’s on no account a primary issue, however it’s a pleasant bonus which provides you a good vary of color selection.

In short, if you’re searching for a sturdy and non-slipping mat towel, you want to obtain Zen Active Skidless mat towel as a result of there’s none that may contend it. That conjointly makes it the simplest low cost yoga mat.

Why choice it ?

ZenActive offers environmentally friendly merchandise that area unit created to be the foremost convenient and cozy merchandise on the market. the corporate prides itself in making quality merchandise that area unit perpetually being improved by yoga professionals to produce you with superior merchandise to help you in your health and eudaimonia goals.

Sturdy, secure however soft and cozy. This mat helps to confirm your knees keep within the correct aligned position to stay your injury free. notwithstanding what quantity sweat pours off of you, the non-slip surface can keep secure and steady throughout your sweat.

Yoga is for a healthy body, and this Zen Active non-slip yoga mat is created for the rise in flexibility, relief of stress, and improvement overall fitness throughout your activities. With the non-slip surface that grips the ground, the need invariably there notwithstanding what quantity you sweat. Zen Active yoga mat is durable however soft and cozy which permit you to remain healthy and injury free. it’s rigorously designed by Yoga Enthusiasts for the optimum performance of your yoga activities.

The Zen active exercise mat comes with a further thick foam that provides stability and balance also as optimum support and luxury while not feeling dense or to a fault large that successively helps you keep free from injuries.

This high-quality mat a non-slip surface that grips the ground firmly to alleviate stress, boost flexibility, shield your joints and boost overall fitness and it’s conjointly thought-about safe to be used because it contains no latex or rubber.One notable feature of the Zen active non-slip yoga mat is it comes with a shoulder carrying strap that permits for simple and convenient transportation.

This yoga mat is created of associate extra-thick memory foam. it’ll dead follow the contours of your body, that may offer comfort throughout exercise on the mat. The structure of the mat has a pair of surfaces. one in every of them could be a non-slip surface whereas the opposite one includes a special covering – further Cushion that may offer you associate lingering yoga expertise. Such mat can permit you to do the foremost troublesome asanas completely safely for your joints and bones.Zen Active yoga mat comes with a handful of carrying straps.

They provide secure storage (preventing spontaneous unrolling of the mat) and easy transportation from home to a yoga studio or a fitness club. when associate intensive sweat, it’s necessary to rinse the yoga mat with water. per the brochure, you ought to rigorously wash it in cold running water. it’s higher to wipe the mat with tea tree oil to make clean its surface.

Like the Sivan Health and Fitness mat, the Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat has gotten mixed reviews in terms of sturdiness. a number of purchasers have had no problems with it; others say it began breaking down when solely a handful of uses. this is often not associate applicable mat for warm yoga, as a hotter setting tends to form mats break down earlier. Luckily, the corporate offers associate unconditional guarantee.

Like the Sivan mat, the Zen Active Non-Slip Yoga Mat accompanies its own carrying strap. it’s not terribly substantial to hold, that is useful for the people United Nations agency walk or bicycle to category. This mat is accessible in four colors: dark, blue, green, and pink. The Zen Active mat is among the lower-valued mats, however it’s thanks to the strength issue that potential purchasers ought to contemplate.

Products feature

  • This Will Provide An Ideal Foam Thickness That Provides Comfort and Support Without Feeling Bulky Or Overly Dense, So Your Knees Stay Healthy And Injury Free.
  • One Side Has A Non Slip Surface That Grips The Floor, And The Other Has Extra Cushion To Protect Your Joints, Increase Flexibility, Relieve Stress, and Improve Overall Fitness On The Most Comfortable Memory Foam Mat That You’ve Ever Used.
  • The ZenActive Non-Slip Yoga Mat is SGS Approved, And Free Of Latex and Metals. It Is Also Free Of Rubber, So You Won’t Stink Up The Studio.
  • Makes Taking Your Yoga Mat Convenient While You’re On The Go. Happy Yogis Agree That The ZenActive Yoga Mat Is The Best That They’ve Ever Used.


  • Biodegradable, no phthalates, latex, silicone, or rubber
  • Roomy
  • Decent cushioning for the joints


  • Do not want to apply rosin
  • Does not hold well for hot yoga
  • Thinner than the Jade Harmony mat

Final Conclusion :

Most of the people that bought this mat square measure happy with it, and that we got to believe them that the Clever Yoga BetterGrip carpet is unquestionably well worth the cash. although it’s some minor flaws, just like the lack of a carry strap or the issues with keeping it extended, it’s lots of fine things going for it, and that we got to provides it our sincere recommendation.

When place through the take a look at, the ZenActive tranquility mat stood up to even the foremost advanced sessions like hot yoga and additional. The custom style provides you with a top quality mat which will arise to the weather and recurrent frequent use. The double sided non-slip sides provide you with a secure grip and a snug memory foam surface.

There’s Associate in Nursing expression, if you look sensible, you’re feeling sensible. Well with ZenActive you furthermore mght get to decide on a mat color that appears sensible too – perhaps even creating you’re feeling higher whereas understanding. There square measure for nice colours to decide on from – black, pink, blue and inexperienced.If comfort, grip and outstanding performance square measure what you would like in an exceedingly yoga mat, get the ZenActive Tranquility Yoga Mat.