Sivan Health and Fitness Comfort Foam Yoga Mat Review



Products Overview:

If you’re making an attempt to induce work, then having the correct instrumentation will assist you on the means. With smart exercise instrumentation, you’ll bring home the bacon higher results and facilitate to make sure safety. If you prefer yoga, then one piece of apparatus that you just square measure progressing to would like may be a yoga mat. For a mat that gives comfort and stability, customers can love the Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2 in. additional thick foam yoga mat.Designed for folks of all sizes and shapes, the Sivan one /2-inch mat is right for each entrant and practised yoga practitioners. It measures seventy one inches long and twenty four inches wide. The mat is created from thick foam material that’s snug and infatuated the skin. This reduces any fatigue, discomfort or injury once lying on the pave. for simple carrying, the mat comes with one strap. although sleek, the fabric is non-slip and so safeguards your safety. sadly, though the fabric is thick, it should manufacture some soft sounds.

The Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga mat is another budget choice that may be used for Yoga still as different general exercises.The best feature must be the comfort. five millimeter of thickness provides enough support and if you’re a beginner, this is often specifically what you wish. It weighs near two pounds and comes with a strap, thus movableness is taken care of.The traction, however, is average and that we had to encounter multiple slip problems. it’s ineffective to handle sweat (at all) and if you’re progressing to have a full of life session of hot yoga, place a towel over this.The durability is also average, and it begins to crack up once 5-6 months of daily use. you’ll extend that with regular maintenance, however don’t expect it lost longer than a year.

Sivan Health Mat Is is one in all the most effective yoga mats on the market within the market. The colourful and sturdy yoga mat is your friendly partner throughout vigorous yoga exercises. The absorbent yoga mat towel sufficiently soaks up the sweat, providing you with a snug yoga expertise.The only criticism you’re progressing to notice on the web is regarding its worth. As compared to different mat towels on the market within the market, the worth may be a bit beyond others. So, you will wish to appear for different cheaper choices, however none will match Sivan Health sturdiness. You don’t wish to buy a product that has to be typically replaced.The term skid less means that the merchandise won’t slide around even once you’re making an attempt the tight yoga postures and positions. The non-slip nubs of the mat towel grip your mat and supply comfortable resistance from slippery over.

Why choice it ?

This is a decent quality mat that features a ton of excellent characteristics. this is often one amongst the mats that features a very little additional squish thereto than some others do, thus it may be smart for those that have issues with their joints. for a few those that square measure alittle additional physical, a mat that has less provide may well be higher, however this model is good and firm and you are doing get a decent quantity of stability.

This is one amongst the higher cheap yoga mats that you just can realize these days. It stays firmly in situ once you square measure understanding and it offers a cushty surface for your exercises. If you’re craving for a decent mat at a decent worth, then the Siwan Health and Fitness 1/2 in. additional thick foam yoga mat ought to suit your desires.

The Siwan Health and Fitness 1/2 in. additional thick foam yoga mat is good and thick and it will facilitate to confirm a cushty physical exertion. Once you get this mat, you’re likely to require to let it sit out for daily before you employ it. After that, it provides a cushty surface for performing arts yoga exercises and therefore the non-slip undersurface helps to stay the mat firmly in situ. It offers a decent quantity of provide to require the strain off your joints and limbs, however it’s still firm enough to produce adequate stability. the dimensions of the mat ought to build it smart for folks of most body sorts. Unless you’re terribly tall, you must have enough area to maneuver and physical exertion on this mat with no issues. For care, this mat is simple to scrub and it wipes down simply once you’re done victimization it.

This mat is pretty darn indestructible. I actually have been victimization it daily for six months and there isn’t the slightest indication of damage and tear. a lot of of the time i’m victimization it with trainers on, and am doing plenty of intense coaching that may ordinarily kill a yoga mat pretty quickly (ahem, bronc Kicks!). I actually have been very happy with its sturdiness.

It has 2 sides, giving a special feel on every. i favor victimization the inexperienced facet up as a result of the black facet is super-sticky and doesn’t move an in. regardless of what quantity I move, shift, and jump around thereon.

This inexperienced facet is additionally grippy however is formed from a polymer coating that provides the firmness i used to be craving for. Doing single-leg deadlifts or alternative reconciliation moves is not any downside on this surface. At a similar time, The Mat is 5mm thick, that is nearly in Pilate-mat territory once it involves artefact.

Does it smell? Not one bit. it’s apparently designed with associate “antimicrobial additive” that forestalls mould, mildew, and apparently unhealthy smells. It still looks to soak up some sweat since it doesn’t kind puddles, however somehow that hygroscopic quality doesn’t cause unhealthy smells. It’s a miracle.

For almost each variety of exercise, there square measure differing types of apparatus which will facilitate. If you’re obtaining a yoga mat, then you wish one that may work well for the exercises that you just do and one that may suit your build and physical talents. to search out the proper mat for your exercise routine, you wish to seem into the planning and therefore the options that the mat comes with.

Products feature

  • Ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching and toning workouts
  • Non-skid ridges grips the floor for ultimate stability
  • Features an integrated carry strap
  • 71 in x 24 in x 1/2 in


It is affordable. It is ideal for hot yoga and other activities where there is heavy sweating. The microfiber top is very absorbent. It comes backed with a satisfaction guarantee. It comes in a variety of great colors. Eco-friendly materials. It has no odor. Easy to wash.


It takes a long time to dry after washing. It is machine-washable, but it may separate after multiple washings, so it is best to hand wash it. Those with dry hands and feet may find that this mat is a bit slippery.

Final Conclusion :

The Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2 in. additional thick foam yoga mat is sweet and thick and it will facilitate to confirm a cushty sweat.All in all, the Seven Health yoga mat are a few things that’s undoubtedly value considering for purchase. it’s a high quality product with a wonderful slip resistance, and doing yoga on that seems to be quite an snug expertise. It’s not unflawed – we have a tendency to didn’t just like the occasional squealing sounds and also the loose strap, however those ar simply minor inconveniences in comparison to the product’s overall excellence. to boot, the mat options associate integrated carry strap for your convenience and wipes down quickly and simply. Be kind to your body and treat yourself to the Sivan Health and Fitness® Yoga and Pilates Mat, the final word in yoga mats.

Since it’s such a lot of high user ratings and positive reviews, we have a tendency to had to place our hands on one in every of Reehut’s preferred yoga mats – the NBR Exercise. it’s cheap, eco-friendly, and quite snug – however let’s see however it fared on our check.