Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat Review



Products Overview:

The popular Manduka professional yoga mat is richly dense for unique comfort and artifact. With a period guarantee, The Manduka professional Mat can revolutionise your observe for years to return.

The Manduka professional Yoga and Pilates Mat could be a dense, padded mat that…with a nod toward the surroundings, the producing method of the Manduka professional is completed in such the way that no noxious emissions occur. meaning the professional isn’t solely higher for the surroundings, however it’s additionally higher for users since the mat arrives with no trace of that noxious smell mats will typically have.

Manduka is committed to reducing the amount of PVC mats sent off to landfills annually, and additionally to their environmental friendly business practices, the Manduka professional comes with a period Guarantee. If the professional mat arrives in what Manduka deems “less than their customary of quality,” they’ll replace the mat. If the Manduka professional wears out from regular, normal use, Manduka can replace it. there’s a a lot of comprehensive list of the standards on what’s and isn’t lined underneath Manduka’s period Guarantee on their web site.

The thickness of the Manduka professional is admire 2 mats stacked one on high of the opposite. The mat is thus cushioned, users won’t be ready to feel the ground through it, and there’s no ought to double up so as to shield the knee, creating this mat nice for poses like artiodactyl and Boat.

However, standing and balance poses could take thusme obtaining wont to as a result of the mat is so cushioned, and gentle cramping could occur at first since the feet grip otherwise on the additional cushion. lecturers ought to positively do a observe run of the category they shall teach if they don’t need to lose their balance whereas demonstrating sure poses.

Since there’s additional cushion, this mat is additionally denser, advisement in at seven to nearly nine pounds, betting on the length. The Manduka professional will be a task to lug around and should be best suited to a home observe. For those that don’t mind the burden, or need to urge a bit strength coaching in as they walk to yoga, the Manduka Journey On Commuter Yoga Mat Slingis one nice choice. For yogis employing a bag, the length and raised girth of the mat once it’s rolled would force a special sized bag than that wont to hold a regular sized mat.

Another nice feature regarding the Manduka professional is that there’s a lot of area to maneuver and flow free. the typical yoga mat is 24” wide and 68” long. With a rise in size in each directions, the body continuously stays on the mat. therein regard, the Manduka professional is nice for folks with a awfully mobile observe.

Others believe that the Manduka professional is also higher suited to Restorative Yoga, Pilates, and any observe that demand lots of floor work. in spite of the category kind, the mat will be a nuisance if place down during a super packed category, given the additional length and dimension. folks hovering around 6’ might want to think about the 85” mat although the longer length is suggested for folks 6’ and higher than.

Why choice it ?

Achieve a singular sweat expertise with a most comfort. The denser, thicker, exceptional comfort of the mat excellently cushions and protects very important joints of the body just like the elbows, knees, hips, and spine.

The Manduka professional Yoga Mat may be a legendary mat that includes Associate in Nursing unbeatable style choked with yoga flow. This 1/4″ thick kind mat provides a non-slip bottom surface that reduces mat movement throughout your follow in high-moisture conditions. A most popular mat by yogis everywhere the planet, the professional Yoga Mat is formed to last a life with its denser, thicker and a lot of property construction that has additional padding support of essential areas.

Now you’ll be able to relish a worry-free yoga and pilates sweat with the slip-resistant feature of the Manduka professional Yoga and Pilates Mat. This ensures stability on any surface. Even after you sweat, the mat doesn’t become sticky providing you with the proper grip on the mat. Moreover, the closed-cell surface of the mat prevents absorption of wetness or sweat, which is able to eventually breed bacterium.The Manduka professional Yoga and Pilates Mat is intended to last a life. With its superior materials, expect that it won’t flake or wear out simply.

Manduka, since its beginning in manufacturing outstanding mats, has been committed to supply} property in each product they produce. As a part of their mission to style yoga mats which will probably last a life to reduce the quantity of PVC mats within the lowland, they delivered to the market this Manduka professional Yoga and Pilates Mat. Oeko-tex certified, these mats area unit being factory-made free from hepatotoxic emissions and waste.

After exploitation, simply wash your mat with Manduka Mat Renew, as counseled. If none, you’ll use non-solvent cleaner and a sponge or wet artifact. ne’er place your mat within the washer as this may not solely injury your mat, it’s going to conjointly hurt your machine. droop it underneath the sunshine.

Products feature

  • Synthetic
  • An ultra-dense and spacious performance yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning.
  • The 71″ x 26″ PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat will never wear out, guaranteed.
  • High-density cushion, joint protection, unmatched support.
  • Closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat.
  • Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex free.


  • 100% natural rubber
  • Huge size
  • Very grippy even when the yogi is hot and sweaty


  • Heavy
  • Rubber smell
  • Needs time to break it in.

Final Conclusion :

Whether you’re doing yoga or pilates to seek out inner peace or to induce work, serious or not, beginner or practiced, you all would like a sturdy and comfy mat. Revolutionize your yoga and pilates sessions with these first-rate mats by Manduka, currently transportation the goodness of a healthy fashion and therefore the greatness of nature in one. browse through this review to envision however Manduka professional Yoga and Pilates Mat would possibly simply be appropriate for you.

Overall, the Manduka professional could be a nice mat with lots of nice qualities. It’s sturdy, padded while not being mushy, and massive enough to Downdog, Flip Your Dog, apply jump-throughs and jump into Crow create while not ever running out of mat area. For those that sweat lots or favor the warmer practices, this mat might not be the most effective decide. For lecturers longing for a mat to boost their already rockin’ home apply, the Manduka professional is also the right work.