Learn About Top 5 Types Of yoga

There are several different types of yoga.  Most people just think of yoga as being one standard set of poses, but it’s not quite that simple.Western yoga is generally just defined as “yoga”.  There aren’t usually any types mentioned.  Western yoga often uses a mixture of different yoga types, and different instructors may even come up with their own poses or mix their own unique blends.There are in fact six types of yoga traditionally practiced, plus a new type, Bikram yoga, that has been rapidly gaining in popularity recently

Hatha Yoga

The teachings of hatha yoga are the type most commonly practiced in the Western hemisphere.  The word hatha comes from the Sanskrit term ha (meaning sun).

There are two important principles that hatha yoga is based on:

  1. Meditation – You will find at least one posture that is especially comfortable to you and that you can sustain for long period of time while you meditate. As you advance, you’ll ideally learn several postures that you are comfortable with.  Many people find the lotus position especially helpful for meditation.
  2. Improving Energy Within The Body – This is all about improving the flow of energy throughout your body so improve your overall health.

Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is very similar to hatha yoga.  Raja is considered a bit more difficult than other forms of yoga, because it requires more discipline and control than other forms.Raja yoga focuses on concentration, meditation, and discipline of the mind and body.

There are eight limbs of raja yoga:

  1. Moral discipline
  2. Self restraint
  3. Concentration
  4. Meditation
  5. Breath control
  6. Posture
  7. Sensory inhibition
  8. Ecstasy (not the drug!)

Karma Yoga

The word karma means “action”.  Karma is generally thought of as the unseen force in the world that causes good things to happen to good people and bad things to pay back those who have done wrong.Karma yoga means selfless action.  To perform karma yoga, you are supposed to surrender yourself completely to serve the greater good – the good of man and humanity.

The founder of karma yoga is Bhagavad Vita.  This version is heavily rooted in Hinduism.  Although you don’t have to practice Hinduism to practice karma yoga, you should potentially familiarize yourself with the teachings of Hinduism in order to fully understand and appreciate karma yoga.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is perhaps the type of yoga people are most curious about.  It’s not about sex exclusively, but that is a part of it.  It is about reaching enlightenment and transcending the self through several rituals.Sex is indeed one of those rituals, but it is not the only one by any means.  Some tantric practitioners even recommend a life of celibacy.

Tantra means “expansion”.  The aim of tantra yoga is to expand your mind so that you can reach all levels of consciousness.  It uses rituals to bring out the male and female aspects of an individual in order to awake the true spirit within.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a relatively new form of yoga.  It is not included in the six traditional forms of yoga, but it is becoming so popular it deserves a very special mention.Bikram yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury.  It takes place in a room that is at 105°F with a humidity of about 40%.  There are 26 postures and two types of breathing exercises.

Bikram yoga is more about detoxifying the body rather than reaching some sort of spiritual enlightenment.  By forcing the body to sweat profusely, toxins are eliminated through the skin.Additionally, the extra warmth makes the body more flexible, which helps prevent injury, relieves stress, and helps aid in deeper stretching.

Best yoga Equipment & Accessories

For you to enjoy every benefit of your commitment to practicing yoga, please note that consistency and regularity are keys. You can’t go into one session and skip three or four just because you’re sore, had an unexpected engagement, or were too stressed out.

For the body and mind to change, you need to practice yoga consistently. Remove all obstacles, real or imagined and stay committed. Your rewards will be better health, better emotional balance, and a happier, more fulfilled life!

The popularity of yoga has given rise to an industry that specializes in yoga equipment, accessories and clothes. The internet is a true market place of things yoga and product lines are as varied and diverse asthe many teachings and postures of yoga.

If you’ve ventured into your neighborhood sporting goods store, or even a department store, you’ve likely seen an array of yoga equipmentthat features very happy and peaceful looking people sitting on ayoga mat, or using a yoga towel. Indeed, for someone interested in yoga, this is like a kid in a candy store. There has never been a time in the marketplace where yoga equipment was so
easy to find, and indeed, so affordable!

With that being said, it can be rather confusing as to which equipment does what. They all seem to have such happy looking people on the packaging; how do you know what’s worth investing your money on?

Well, ultimately, the answer to that important question will be determined by the kind of yoga that you want to experience, and also,your own preferences. Some people, for example, don’t want to sit on a mat; they prefer the firmness of the floor. Other people find that sitting on the floor is painful and can lead to back and tailbone ache; and as such, a yoga mat is essential. So, rather than prescribing here what you should buy and what you shouldn’t, let’s instead focus on the various neat things that you can easily buy, and you can use this information to help you make a wise decision.

Yoga Mats

Let’s start with the famous yoga mat. Now, as a ge neral rule (to which there will always, of course, be exceptions): be careful with the supermarket version.A good yoga mat has a good grip on the floor, which is important if you have to perform complicated maneuvers and postures. They typically measure about 2 feet in width, and are available in a slew of rainb ow colors.There are yoga mats to fit all levels from beginner to advanced, and you have a choice of thickness. Many yoga stores will provide mats with efficient cushioning. Yoga mats are also available for children.

Yoga Towel

Don’t forget your yoga towel. There are also skidless towels and some  manufacturers make super absorbent ones – also, in what some retailers call,  “chakra colors.”

Yoga Bags

Yoga bags look rectangular – almost tubular – they are designed to hold your yoga mat and towel and other accessories. Most products have a shoulder strap and are made ofdifferent materials, nylon being a common one. There are low end yoga bags retailing for $12.00 and they go up to $50.00, depending on make and size.

Yoga Straps

Those who do a lot of yoga flexibility routines often opt for yoga straps. These straps help them stretch their limbs, and to hold poses longer.

Yoga Sandbags and Bolsters

There are also yoga sandbags and bolsters that help your body balance and provide support as you perform your poses, stretches and positions. They are also available in many colors.